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Storm and I. He was my first love... it didn't turn out well. We had a big fight on New Year's Eve and we didn't talk for five months. But we managed to work things out over the summer and we've got a big blanket of cushion seeing as he is in NY and I'm in WA now. He's still pulling on my heart strings, he just can't help himself. On Saturday he called me at 2:00AM 5:00AM for him, just plastered to tell me he missed me and that when he woke up he missed me and he wanted me there with him so he could put his arms around me. WELP, I'm over sharing. toodles!
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King of Diamonds // Chicoo '08!

Well I went to Chico over the weekend to check out the school/campus/scene up there... really laid back, huge ragers, hot girls, full of people our age... Definitely moving up in June :]
Chico is a little college town in northern California, beautiful landscape - we went out to play drunken frisbee golf and the course looked so incredibly volcanic, like the ground underneath us flowed to a stop, rocks jutting out of the ground as if they had rained from the sky. Seeing as how it's not very far from Mt. St-Helens, this is probably the case :P

I'm pretty much blacked out drunk in most of these pictures, apparently me and the guy in the red shirt (best friend Rick) had some gnarly jujitsu matches on the floor of that room so I wake up on a strange couch with rug burns all over, gotta love college eh?

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