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I kind of have had a sad/rough/weird week.

But its so hard to explain. I was just in this awful funk where I only left my room to go to the library or go to class. I slept all the time. And continually ended up crying myself to sleep. I slipped on the ice (snowy, snowy London, Ontario) and messed up my back so I was in a lot of pain and had trouble getting from point A to B so I'm sure that had a role in it.

I think my problem is that when I go through a funk like that its something I like to handle on my own. I feel like a downer, and its not something I'm usually comfortable with discussing, probably because I myself don't really comprehend what is going on.

I mean, yes I had a lot going on this week. Grandma sickk. Exams. Club stuff. My back hurt. I had a cold. Miss my family (have not been home since thanksgiving)... but thats not more then what is usually going on, actually that is a lot less then what is usually going on. And by no means does any of that warrant my week and a half of been useless and sad. I'm so confused. Normally I am such an optimistic person.

It happens every other month or so. Thats weird right? I don't know I am so confused.

Anyways, the other day I was in bed. I was thinking about it. And I just kind of made a conscious decision to get myself out of the funk. I walked over to my friend's house, Nat, and I just vented and laughed and I decided I needed to be productive.

And ever since I made that night I feel so much better. Yesterday I woke up early and got some birthday presents for some friends. And last night was my friend Hayley's 20th! And I really didn't want to go before, I started feeling the funk, but I reminded myself that Hayley is one of my best friends and I needed to go. So I did. We went to Moxies.




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