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So things like this freak me out.

I go to Western in London, Ontario. And there is this guy, who is "breaking in" to houses, with a flash light and watches you as you sleep. And then when you wake up, he leaves the house.

There are all sorts of rumors about this. I bunch of people are saying that watching girls sleep gets him off and when they wake up thats like the climax for this guy. I don't know if it is true or not but still freaks me out.

There is talk about it everywhere. A girl in my friend's social work class it happened to. My room mate's boyfriend... happened to two girl's houses on his street. My friend Hayley's best friend's house.

But yesterday I found out that it happened to my friend Alex.

And yesterday I found out that my friend Emma. She was sleeping and thought she heard someone trying to break into the house. So they were obviously freaked out and called the cops. And they came with dogs who are trying to track this guys scent... and they picked up the trail right in front of their house! So creepy.

We always lock our doors. And I sleep with a desk chair in front of my door. It ma be silly to freak out but I can't help it!

And right now, it appears the guy just watches and you sleep and then leaves, but it could totally amount to something more then that. AHHH.


Campus police increase intruder patrols

By Heather Travis
Friday, November 28, 2008 University of Western Ontario Campus Community Police has stepped up nightly patrols in neighbourhoods within its jurisdiction as a male voyeur continues to enter the homes of young women around the Western and Fanshawe College area at night.

The London Police Service say seven incidents have occurred within the last two months, but they are not ruling out the possibility of more unreported cases.

“This person could have been in someone’s home and he could have left and no one will have known he was there, so there are probably some unreported incidents as well, says Campus Police Staff Sgt. Michael Mics, adding police are examining cases of suspicious persons in residential areas dating prior to September for possible connections.

The reported incidents generally occurred between 1- 5 a.m. and the suspect has targeted unlocked residences. Women awake to find a man standing in their bedroom; however Mics says no physical contact has been reported.

Campus police has partnered with Fanshawe College and London police on the investigation. Mics says a team of London detectives have been specifically assigned to the case as a special project. Campus police also meets daily with the London police to receive updates on the investigation.

“This is primarily a city police investigation and we have to take their lead … Yes, it is a student population, but geographically it is outside our jurisdiction.

“There is a concerted effort and a focused effort in apprehending this individual,” he adds.
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