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Name/age/location: Kelly/19yrs/Texas
Tell us some interesting things about you: I change my hair color if not as often as the season changes then more often.
Favorite Music?: emery, the honorary title, frou frou, eisley, the postal service, death cab for cutie, modest mouse
Favorite Movies?: requiem for a dream, a beautiful mind, finding neverland, donnie darko
Favorite Books?: the perks of being a wallflower
Pick something you feel passionately about and write about it: I feel passionately about people just being themselves. I feel this way because a lot of my old friends think they're the shit now and it's only cause their head is shoved so far up their ass that they can't think straight. I hate cliques of people who think they're the shit. The human race might actually be sort of intelligent if everyone just accepted everyone for who they are. Instead, we try so hard to be something we aren't to be accepted by our "friends". I've lost plenty of friends this way because they would rather be a little "scenester" or think they need to be a certain way. Really, they are just being a clone of someone elses stupidity. I loved them the way they were since I've known them from Kindergarten. Why do people forget? They brainwash each other. BE STRONG MINDED AND BE YOURSELF. That's as real as it gets. [that's what you get for asking me to talk about something i feel strongly about. hahaha.]
What's your favorite card game? texas hold em'
What do you think of the mods? pretty but I don't know them. I could tell you more if I knew them.
Best looking member: The Hearts Mod.
Why should we accept you? Cause I'm not like everyone else. I'm one of a kind. [get it? card theme? hehe.]
What number card would you like (excluding aces, kings, and queens)? 4
How did you find out about thedeckofcards? Browsing around.
Promote in THREE places and show links:
At least FIVE CLEAR pictures of yourself:

Let's see a salute so we know you're not a fake. (and don't say "I'll do this later." No salute, no stamp.) SALUTE

Picture for the members page (170 width, 226 height please):

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