November 29th, 2008

queen of spades text


So things like this freak me out.

I go to Western in London, Ontario. And there is this guy, who is "breaking in" to houses, with a flash light and watches you as you sleep. And then when you wake up, he leaves the house.

There are all sorts of rumors about this. I bunch of people are saying that watching girls sleep gets him off and when they wake up thats like the climax for this guy. I don't know if it is true or not but still freaks me out.

There is talk about it everywhere. A girl in my friend's social work class it happened to. My room mate's boyfriend... happened to two girl's houses on his street. My friend Hayley's best friend's house.

But yesterday I found out that it happened to my friend Alex.

And yesterday I found out that my friend Emma. She was sleeping and thought she heard someone trying to break into the house. So they were obviously freaked out and called the cops. And they came with dogs who are trying to track this guys scent... and they picked up the trail right in front of their house! So creepy.

We always lock our doors. And I sleep with a desk chair in front of my door. It ma be silly to freak out but I can't help it!

And right now, it appears the guy just watches and you sleep and then leaves, but it could totally amount to something more then that. AHHH.


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